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Tax Preparation Software: What You Need To Know

Every year we see hundreds of commercials promising simple tax preparation.  Yet, many tax softwaresay the process has not been simplified. It’s still complicated and time consuming.

With the looming January 31 deadline for filing W-2s and 1099s, tax preparation software is in review by professionals to evaluate ease of use.  According to tax preparation professionals, the best programs feature the ability to mail copies of forms straight to employees. They also tout the benefits of everyone’s main concern – accuracy.

E-filing is considered to be far more accurate than the standard paper filing option.  As a business owner, you still have the option to file W-2s and 1099s by hand, but the potential for mistakes increases greatly.  Reviewers of 2012 tax software found it rife with problems that caused for a great deal of hassle in software preparation specialists systems.  The software also did not allow for business owners to file prior to January 30, causing great inconvenience to businesses across the country.

One system that allows for ease of use is the system offered at  Business owners can effortlessly file thousands of forms with no complications and can eliminate the need to purchase complicated or expensive tax preparation software.

This service also features a print and mail option.  We offer the most economical and efficient way to e-file your tax forms.  Check out our website for more details.

Tax Season Delayed

Government shutdownOur government recently made history with the first government shut down in over a decade and a half. The shutdown cost close to two billion dollars over sixteen days, due to the amount of workers that were temporarily out of work.  Sixteen days may not seem like a great deal of time to those not employed by the government, but it certainly gummed up the works for the tax system.  The tax season is going to be delayed by a little over two weeks in 2014.

While two weeks sounds like next to nothing, it certainly isn’t.  So what does the delay mean for you the business owner?  Because of delays in their day to day operations during the shutdown, they feel the two week extension is necessary to successfully get their programs up to date.  The IRS will not begin accepting tax returns until January 28, 2014 at the very earliest.

Does this mean you have two extra weeks to file your taxes?  Certainly not, the delay is solely for the benefit of the IRS, not the taxpayer.  The IRS states that they are working to shorten this delay as quickly as possible but details the process as necessary.  American taxpayers will be notified of all changes in this delay by December, at the traditional start of the tax season.

Delay or no delay, processing your tax forms in a timely fashion in necessary.  If you’ve been avoiding that stack of forms on your desk in hopes that the tax season stoppage would allow you some extra time, don’t wait any longer.  We are here to help with a team, ready to e-file your 1099, 1098 and W-2 forms efficiently and accurately.  Contact us today to get started!