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Challenges Facing CPA’s

 CPAsBeing a CPA presents a unique set of challenges, much like other professions.  During certain times of the year, the duties of a CPA increase exponentially.  Tax time is so often stressful for clients, and more often than not, a great deal of that stress is filtered down to the CPA.

Time is against most of us, there’s no denying it.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done that we need to accomplish.  During tax season, if you’re a CPA, chances are you need almost double the amount of hours to get everything finished.  Add in a reliance on technology and staff members, and things can start to get dicey in a hurry.  Think about it this way, if one member of your office were to slow down, miss a day, or a computer were to break down, what effect would that have on your workflow?

On top of dealing with increasing workload, potential technology failures, and unreliable staff CPAs still have clients to deal with.  Some clients expect their CPA to have all the answers, and have those answers immediately.  Clients want more and more, but want to pay less and less.  CPA firms, in turn, have no choice but to lower their prices to compete with other services and then have to hire less staff.  With less staff, workload increases, and a CPA ends up bogged down in their duties.

At Online Files Taxes, we specialize in helping CPAs find enjoyment in their job again.  We have a streamlined system that allows you to easily and painlessly e-file hundreds of forms at a time.  We cut out the tedious steps of filing, mailing, etc. and allow you to get back to focusing on your clients.

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The Best LinkedIn Groups for Small Business Tax Professionals

LinkedIn Groups for CPASProfessionals are always looking for ways to expand their reach and communicate effectively with their target audience.  As tax professionals, this is no different.  Perhaps you’ve looked into potential ways to communicate via the internet with fellow tax professionals and leads.  One way you may go about reaching a broader audience is by joining specific groups on LinkedIn.  We’d like to showcase our top five LinkedIn Groups:

  1. CPA & Professional Business Group – This is a closed group, which means you must request membership.  Once approved, the doors are opened to a group sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  This group weighs in at just over 41,000 members and has been active on LinkedIn since 2008.
  2. Tax Professionals – Luckily, for those looking for immediate access, this is an open group.  The Tax Professionals group caters not only to tax professionals but business people.  The goal of the group is to provide connection to the two separate groups.  Active since 2007, Tax Professionals has in excess of 60,000 members.
  3. CPA Tech Connect – This private group has been on LinkedIn since 2011 and has close to 3500 members.  The aim of this particular group is to provide connections to tax professionals and the IT world.  It allows for professionals to stay updated in terms of technology.
  4. NATP – The National Association of Tax Professionals group is focused on providing information to both professionals and layman alike.  They are a nonprofit group in connection with over 25,000 professionals in all aspects of the taxes field.  They are a closed group with just under 10,000 members.  The NATP group has been active since 2008.
  5. Everything Small Business – This group opened its virtual doors in 2012 and has only twelve members.  Their focus is to provide small business owners with the opportunity to learn about other fields, create joint ventures, or just stay apprised to what’s new in the business world.  This group is run by the host of a radio show for small business owners, and thus far the group has remained open.

Whether you’re looking to make connections for future business ventures or you’re just looking to stay informed, any one of the aforementioned groups would be helpful in either capacity.  We look forward to contributing valuable information to these groups in the future!  Oh, and remember to connect with us on LinkedIn!

Relief to CPAs

File 1099s onlineBeing a CPA at this time of year can be a harrowing experience.  Being neck deep in paperwork for a bunch of different clients makes becoming overwhelmed an easy feat.  Don’t worry, we can help!

If you can’t possibly take on more work, refer your clients or friends to us and we’ll give both of you a 10% referral discount.  That means, they get 10% off their total first bill, and you get that 10%!  All it takes is a few simple steps!

First, register for an account with us and we will give you a coupon code that is unique to you. You put this code on your web site or email it to anyone you want to refer.  Your clients use the coupon code at the time of registration and they receive a 10% discount at checkout.  Then, at the end of each month we pay you 10% their purchase price.  You can access your account at any time to see which of your clients has used the coupon code you provided to them and how much they paid as part of their first purchase.

We can help take the stress out of tax time!  For more information about us, check out this video or visit us on our new website!

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