Why Choose Us for Online E-Filing?

OnlineFileTaxes.com is an e-file provider approved by the Internal Revenue Service. With us, you can quickly and easily e-file 1099 forms. Feel at ease knowing that your online files will be electronically sent to the IRS for fast, efficient, and hassle-free filing. Whether you’re a business owner, CPA, accounting professional, or individual, you can reap the benefits of OnlineFileTaxes.com.

There are plenty of e-file options out there. So why choose us? For one, you can easily manage all of your 1099 tax forms with our do-it yourself online service. Why worry about mailing delays and spending countless hours filling out lengthy forms. OnlineFileTaxes.com does the following:

  • Allows you to process any number of forms seamlessly and economically
  • Removes the need to buy and complete a myriad of forms
  • Eliminates the need to invest in any software
  • Takes away any administrative and IT Costs associated with end-of-year 1099 processing
  • Prints, mails, and electronically files with the IRS once the forms are completed
  • Supports uploading Excel files as opposed to manually filling out forms and being more susceptible to making a mistake