Benefits of e-filing 1099 forms

File taxes online

How much time do you spend yearly trying to figure out complicated IRS 1099 forms to complete and file your taxes? Does it seem like it takes more time every single year because the 1099 forms change? After all that, you still have the hassle of shoving those 1099 forms into an envelope and mailing them, and you don’t get confirmation that your return was received until you get your refund or receive word that you’ve made a mistake. There’s an easier way!
E-Filing is a way for tax payers to file their 1099 forms in a quick and safe manner and eliminates all the pesky forms associated with traditional paper filing. No more worries about postage or waiting in line to mail your return. The internet may seem intimidating, but it’s no more intimidating than filling out numerous forms and stressing over whether or not you’ve forgotten something.
E-filing 1099 forms (in general and e-filing 1099-MISC form in particular) is often more accurate than filing a paper return, because most of the time the online program you’re using for your return will alert you if you’ve made mistakes or omitted something. It’s also easier, as the majority of the programs will walk you through filing step by step and ask questions to ensure you’re getting the best return possible.
Not only is e-filing easier, but it’s also quite cost effective. Most tax filing companies charge only minimal fees for this service. Nine times out of ten, it’s faster and easier to finish your tax return and get back to your life.
Electronically filing your taxes also eliminates the need to know the most current tax rules, because the programs are designed to know all the new information for the current tax year. Not having to be an amateur accountant when filing your return is definitely worth any cost incurred from e-filing 1099 forms.
Another important feature of e-filing is that most often the e-file provider mails out a paper copy to your recipients, thus eliminating the hassle of doing it yourself.So when looking to e-file your 1099 and 1098 forms, look no further than our website. We offer competitive pricing and convenience! offers the most cost effective way to efile your 1099, 1098 and W-2 forms.