Online File Taxes

Online File TaxesTax forms and filing are a necessity, there’s no way around it.  In the past, you may have seen an accountant or even tried to file the forms yourself.  You are likely well aware of the hassle and hardship of trying to file the forms on your own.  There’s an easier way!

We offer the ability to e-file not one, but hundreds of forms with ease.  We also simplify the process by eliminating the need to purchase expensive software and upgrades.  We allow you to import your information so you can avoid the tedious process of filling out extensive forms by hand.  Another simple convenience offered by Online File Taxes is that the forms you file will automatically be e-filed with the IRS and your 1099 forms will be mailed to the recipients.

At Online File Taxes, we provide our customers with online access to your account as well, so filing and updating your information is a snap.  Through our account management system, you not only have the ability to keep your personal information current, but you can also manage your recipients and view files you’ve already submitted.

We can provide filing services for dozens of different IRS forms, for your added convenience.  Online File Taxes can file any manner of 1099 forms, 1098’s, and W-2 forms.  We have the ability to ensure all paperwork is properly filed and sent off immediately to the IRS.  All of our programs are made for simple, secure, and efficient use.

Our pricing structure makes for affordable filing, but in order to maximize discounts, be sure to file all of your forms at the same time.  We can process over a thousand forms at any one time to allow for larger businesses to have maximum convenience and ease.

During tax time, please think of us for all of your filing needs.  We can simplify the process and make your business life easier!